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The Zodiac Signs as Ariana Grande’s thank u ne…


Aries: break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored

aries are EXTREMELY competitive, and this song’s narrative is obviously trying to compete with the girlfriend

Taurus: 7 rings

taureans are very materialistic, just as the song implies

Gemini: bloodline

geminis have a trait of not wanting to commit as often as the other signs, and bloodline states so in the song as well

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Falling in Love


(check yours and/or partner’s Venus signs)

Aries: “Kiss like it’s lost forever, love like the first time you looked into my eyes.”

Taurus: “I stand firm, being. All while I wait for a glance of notice. Her voice like keys and my lust like the moon over her scape. To quench not, I thirst.”

Gemini: “You float through my world leaving trails of color, over my skies.”

Cancer: “An empty room would still be a beautiful place, only if the memory of you crowds my heart.”

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Why I slapped the signs in the face


Aries: Because you think everyone is in love with you, people aren’t going to bend over backwards to suit all of your needs if you keep being a lazy ungrateful little hoebag. Also, clean your apartment, it smells weird.

Taurus: Because I know I’m right and you know it too, it is COMMON COURTESY TO HAND OVER THE FUCKING AUX CHORD TO THE PERSON IN THE PASSENGER SEAT. You are so goddamn stubborn and if I have to listen to “I knew you were trouble” ONE MORE TIME…

Gemini: Because you DO NOT KNOW WHEN TO STOP, YOU HAVE GONE TOO DAMN FAR. I know whatever it is you’re about to do sounds fun, but you’re going to end up dead. and you said she came on to you first but we all KNOW YOU SLEEZY AF.

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Date ideas for the signs


Aries: Star Wars movie marathon, playing board games or Truth or Dare, going to see a hockey/football,… game

Taurus: brunch date, karaoke, ZOO, napping together, going rollerblading, going to thrift shop

Gemini: watching stars, going to some sort of an old shop, crafting, going to a party, watching cartoons in you pyjamas

Cancer: some sort of carneval or festival, baking, going for a walk in the evening (and buying hot chocolate)

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How long the signs can go without talking to s…


Aries: about a day because they’re reasonable and will want to resolve whatever happened, will probably be angry but thats fine

Taurus: 3 minutes before they start yelling at you again

Gemini: a good 2 days if you made them rather mad but won’t wanna stay in that weird awkward no talking phase

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The Signs and Their Favorite People


Aries: People who they know they can mess around with and be themselves around.

Cancer: People who they know will love them back and give them the attention they give others.

Taurus: Anyone in general. They are not picky and will like just about anybody that doesn’t get in their way.

Gemini: People who are kind hearted and funny. They don’t care where you come from or what your story is, they will accept you.

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What makes each zodiac sign a good friend


Aries: Will always lead the way, even through the most difficult situations. Always lending a helping hand.

Taurus: Will always try to make you laugh and put a smile on your face.

Gemini: Will always encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and be confident in yourself.

Cancer: Will always give you a shoulder to cry on.

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ARIES: bright sunlight, mountains in the distance, friends shouting excitedly, driving with the windows down, getting up early, handwritten letters, an experience so incredible you don’t know how to tell other people about it

TAURUS: hidden paths in the woods, flannel shirts, mixtapes of your favorite artist, hugging a friend you haven’t seen in a while, long naps, gardening, the smell of popcorn

GEMINI: looking at stars, a well-loved notebook, taking care of small plants, daydreams, rain, a sudden moment of tenderness, ink-smudged hands, working obsessively on a project

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My experience with each sign as FRIENDS (AQUAR…


ARIES: An emotional rollercoaster. With them I felt like when I was on the edge, suddenly, they pulled me back into the brutal reality where they would be next to me, encouraging me to do all the stupid stuff I’m afraid of because YOLOOO b*tch.

TAURUS: Safe. With their friendship in my hands, I felt nothing but understood. They have a really calming presence that drew me into their cozy arms where I could’ve cried my eyes out all day long without being judged. They are really encouraging.

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the signs as pies from waitress


(the movie, not the musical) (not included: Pregnant Miserable Self-Loathing Loser Pie, as much as it pains me to leave it out)

ARIES: Kick in the Pants Pie: cinnamon spice custard

TAURUS: Baby Screaming its Head Off in the Middle of the Night and Ruining My Life Pie: New York-style cheesecake, brandy brushed and topped with pecans and nutmeg

GEMINI: Spanish Dancer pie with potato crust: Joe orders at the diner

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