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World Map Bedding Set

The hidden zipper closure is convenient to put your duvet in and out, inside ties are added to keep your duvet at place. The sturdy zipper is beautifully tucked in and well-sewn, it can hold up perfectly after multiple use and washing. Double needles sewing edge, reactive printing and dyeing technology, and this cleverly positioned zipper, again, demonstrated the quality of the entire set.

Self-Adjusting Easy Wire-Stripper and Vise Grip

Wire stripper with self-adjusting mechanism to strip wire from 10-24 AWG while swivel knob micro-adjusts to strip gauges smaller than 20 AWG

Spinning Snowflakes Convection Candle

Add some beautiful Holiday decor to your home with the Holiday Metal Spinning Tea Light Holder. Set includes: (1) tea light holder + (2) interchangeable spinning designs: snowflakes/reindeer. Just simply hang the designs you want on the included fans, light the candle and the heat will make it spin. The sleek glass enclosure makes a beautiful holiday centerpiece, is safe and controls the heat to make it spin faster.

Critical Hit D20 Waffle Maker

Certain foods just fall into alignments. Pancakes and waffles? Good, obviously. But while waffles are Lawful Good, pancakes are Chaotic Good. The syrup goes all over the place and there’s the dreaded butter well. Waffles follow rules. Pancakes break ’em.

Game of Thrones Table Runners

Picture this: You’ve invited the family over for a big holiday feast. Cousins, kids – the whole crew is coming. And they’re not going to all fit at your dining room table, so you decide to haul in a few extra tables. But here’s the catch: you don’t have decorations for three tables. If you’re like us, you don’t even have decorations for ONE table. Who decorates a table? GRANDMA DOES. So how are you going to impress your Grandma while also distracting her from how dry your turkey is?

Ocean Wave Projector

Upgrade Ocean Wave Projector: with remote controller and touch senor. Turn on and off the night light, light color changing, volume adjustment. More convenient for operation. Automatically turn off timer very convenient and safe in case you fall asleep before the night light turn off. 12 LEDs and 7 colors mode changing with a rotating projector head, Relaxing, comforting, soothing, creates a large, brilliant light show for your viewing entertainment and pleasure.

Ocean Wave Projector on Amazon UK

Fondue Mugs

Easy fondue at home! With this personal fondue mug set by Kovot, melt cheese or chocolate for dipping fruit, veggies, breads and more. Ceramic personal fondue mugs feature bottom openings for tea lights (not included) to heat your favorite dip. Set of 2 fondue mugs and 4 dipping forks. In order for the tea light to burn most efficiently, make sure there is air flow (I.e. fan/window) so that the flame does not suffocate. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Adaptive LED Backlight System

Lighpack – content-driven lighting system for your TV or computer display

Sleek Indoor Tabletop Fireplace

This ventless tabletop fireplace requires no electric, gas, chimney or gel cans. All you have to do is pour bio ethanol fuel in the canister and light. Bio ethanol fuel is not included.

Laser Etched Glass Poké Ball

3D image is meticulous engraving into clear crystal ball,The base of the color lights can bring a dazzling visual effect.