Category: dad jokes

Prisoner: I’m sorry I tried to escape.

Guard: I’m not mad, just… disappointed. 

Remember, kids, never let your guard down.

My wife asked me how she compared to past girl…

The others were all eights and nines.

What’s an acorn?

In a nutshell, it’s an oak tree.

What do you call Professor X doing a wheelie?

Professor +

Several of Hitler’s generals disappeared after…

They were veteran Aryans.

I have a horse named Mayo.

Mayo neighs.

When cops arrest a clinically insane person…

Are they busting a nut?

Why is ‘dark’ spelled with a k and not c?

Because you can’t see in the dark.

Police have arrested the world tongue-twister …

I imagine he’ll be given a tough sentence.

When does a joke become a dad joke?

When the punchline becomes apparent.

When does the punchline become apparent?

After the delivery.