some advice for the signs


aries: slow down, and look at the leaves. really. i know it’s stereotypical, but admire their slow and gradual transition to gorgeous hues of orange and yellow. they’re trying to tell you something.

taurus: you aren’t as alone as you think you are, friend. some of your old friends are thinking about you just as much as you’re thinking about them. don’t be afraid to dial them up.

gemini: people think they know you, but they’re wrong. how can they know you when you don’t even know yourself? don’t listen to them. it’s okay to be confused. it’s okay to be imperfect. take your time. no one else matters you right now.

cancer: it’s about that time, isn’t it? the cold is seeping back into the air and into your skin, no matter how many layers of sweaters you wear. just like you. no matter how much you distract yourself, it’s always going to feel a little chilly inside, because there’s something missing. stop trying to fill it. accept it as a part of you. it’s okay to make a truce with your demons.

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