Scorpio compatibility with other signs


Aries: You’ll try your best to keep up with their fast paced nature and try not to get hurt by their critical judgement. This is emotionally tiring but it might as well be worth it since you respect them so much.

Taurus: You’ll mostly just enjoy each others’ company rather than making conversation. You are the dominant person in your friend/relationship, you are the do-er. Taurus will sit back and enjoy your non-selfishness towards them and your “bad to everyone but you” trait. Your love has so much potential.

Gemini: Socially, you’ll be just fine interacting with this sign exchanging a few jokes and conversations here and there but you can easily get annoyed at them for being “too interested” and whatnot. You are unable to form a stable mental connection with them but you’ll be alright friends if you only see each other once in a while.

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