Help save Net Neutrality.

If the FCC wins this battle, the internet as we know it will be royally fucked over.

If you don’t like sending calls (trust me, I know where you’re coming from) text RESIST to 50409. Resistbot will help you set up a letter to your congressmen, senators, and even your state governor.

Please. Save the internet.

Please consider writing UNIQUE, PERSONAL messages, and here’s why:

“FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has said repeatedly that when it comes to the comments on net neutrality, the agency’s rulemaking process would favor QUALITY over QUANTITY.”

“Like Schneiderman, Kao performed his own analysis of the net neutrality comment record. Using an algorithm to sort out duplicate entries, Kao said he was then able to apply another algorithm to identify the remaining comments that could be considered “unique.” Further analysis revealed that even some of the unique submissions shared common language and syntax, suggesting they weren’t unique at all but perhaps written by a computer program to appear superficially different. In total, Kao estimates more than a million comments, supporting Pai’s effort to repeal net neutrality, may have been faked.

For example, one submission read, “Citizens, as opposed to Washington bureaucrats, should be empowered to buy whatever products they prefer.” Another retained much the same format but with certain words rearranged: “Individual citizens, as opposed to Washington bureaucrats, should be able to select whichever services they desire.”

While it is common for advocacy campaigns to recruit people to sign and submit form letters to the FCC, Kao said that those who supported keeping the rules were far more likely to write personal, heartfelt messages. Despite the polarizing nature of the policy fight, few commenters who supported the repeal were moved to develop their own, original messages — an indication to Kao that many in the pro-repeal camp may have been bots or spam.

“It’s scary to think that organic, authentic voices in the public debate  are being drowned out by a chorus of spambots,” Kao said.”


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